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Act Like a Girl reviewed by Melinda Smith in Not Very Quiet (September 2020)

Act Like a Girl reviewed  by Julia Clark in Plumwood Mountain (August 2020)


‘Munga Thirri’ (Meniscus, Jen Webb and Gail Pittaway (eds), Vol 8.1, May 2020)

‘The bionic enhancements queue’ (Getting On, Griffith Review 68, Ashley Hay (ed.), Text Publishing, 2020)

‘Legs’ (Australian Poetry Anthology Vol 8, co-guest-edited by Melinda Smith and Sara Saleh, 2020)

‘Mungo’ (The Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry, edited by Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton, Melbourne University Publishing, forthcoming 2020)

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Not Very Quiet’s founding editors, Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew, received an award last night from the Canberra Critics’ Circle:

For their influential work in exposing Canberra women’s poetry to view through their biannual online journal for women’s poetry, Not Very Quiet.


Acting Like a Girl (Recent Work Press, 2019)

Waistcoat and hat. Text: Acting Like a Girl, Sandra Renew.

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Not Very Quiet at Smith’s Alternative
Suspended for Covid 19 duration
Sandra co-convenes a varied program of women’s poetry in a relaxed cafe venue.

Smith’s Alternative
76 Alinga Street, Canberra City
7pm to 9pm