Sandra is a founding co-editor with Moya Pacey of Not Very Quiet – a twice yearly online journal for women’s poetry. Each issue is themed and includes women poets from around the world. The journal also publishes occasional reviews. The editors have just completed Issue 5 (September 2019).

Issues 1–5 are available online at


‘lesbian content’, finalist 2018 joanne burns Microlit Award

‘Mungo’, second prize, University of Canberra Health Prize, September 2016

‘Hiding’ in response to artwork Window on the World, (Highly Commended, Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award 2015)

‘Shiver’ (shortlisted Michael Thwaites Poetry Award 2011, ACT Write, the magazine of the ACT Writers Centre, Vol. 18, No. 7, 2012, p. 16)


Just published, 2019 … 

  • Acting Like a Girl (Recent Work Press, 2019)

Waistcoat and hat. Text: Acting Like a Girl, Sandra Renew.


  • The Orlando Files. Poems of Dissent and Social Commentary for Performance (Ginninderra Press, 2018)

Book cover Who Sleeps at Night? Poetry of Conflict. Image of battered sandals on the edge of a dirty stained pier overlooking sea water.

Listen to a recording of ‘Stations of the Northern Road’ in Who Sleeps at Night (performed by poet David Hallett and published with his permission.)

  • One Last Border: Poetry for refugees, a collection of poetry by Hazel Hall, Moya Pacey and Sandra Renew (Ginninderra Press, November 2015).
  • Projected on the Wall (Ginninderra Press Pocket Poet No. 39, 2015)

Cover image of a door to a shed with old peeling weather-worn paint.

  • This is Why (Chap Book, 2015)



‘It’s what she leaves behind’ (set to music and performed by Jacqui Carter, on CD It’s What She Leaves Behind, CD produced by Jacqui Carter Music, September 2016)


Sandra’s poetry is featured in a handmade book titled ‘Connexions’ by artist Chris Ling. The book includes watercolours, etchings, drawings and 3D paper craft (2018).

Journals and edited collections


‘Moscow is just a state of mind’ (Axon Creative Explorations, Women and Science, forthcoming)

‘The police do not intervene’ (Right Now, forthcoming)

‘Lost Dogs City’ (Cicerone Journal, Canberra Writing Anthology 2019, forthcoming)

‘Bedding’, ‘Traps’, ‘Year of Rat (triolet)’, ‘How dare you (triolet)’, ‘Red Boots (triolet)’ (Blue Nib, forthcoming)

‘Widgie’ (Other Terrain, 8, 2019, forthcoming)

‘Revolution’ (Backstory, 8, 2019, forthcoming)

‘High point of the season’ (Hecate, University of Queensland, forthcoming 2019)

‘Making something into nothing’ (Westerly, 64/1, July 2019)

‘Hack’, ‘Roundabouts’, ‘shortest day passes’, ‘archiving precious notes’, ‘our Parliament hunkers down’ (Eureka Street, 12 August 2019)

‘There’s a shed load of pigs out there’ (Mountain Secrets Anthology, Joan Fenney (ed.), Ginninderra Press, 2019)

Rising‘ (Right Now, 29 October 2019)

‘lesbian Content’ (Short Australian Stories / Spineless Wonders Shuffle anthology, edited by Cassandra Atherton, 2019)

‘About girls who are taken by Flannies’ (Australian Poetry Journal, 8.2, Spoken, 2019)


‘Coming out backstory’ (Back Story, Issue 6, forthcoming December 2018. Back Story is a history journal published by Swinburne University)

‘Toad princes’ (Other Terrain, Issue 6, forthcoming December 2018. Other Terrain is a literary journal published by Swinburne University)

‘On Returning Home’ (Axon: Creative Explorations, 8.2, Turning Points: Narratives, health, and speaking the self, November 2018)

‘Lengthen the Hem’, ‘Home’, ‘Spring in the mountains’ (Silver Fugue, anthology of the School of Music Poets, edited by Hazel Hall, Ginninderra Press, 2018)

‘imagining what you can’t imagine’ (in Wild, edited by Joan Fenney, Ginninderra Press 2018)

‘she still remembers’ (Back Story, Issue 5, June 2018. Back Story is a history journal published by Swinburne University)

‘I stole these words from Syria’ (Other Terrain, Issue 5, June 2018. Other Terrain is a literary journal published by Swinburne University)

‘the missing’ (Other Terrain, Issue 5, June 2018. Other Terrain is a literary journal published by Swinburne University)


‘We will never be free of all our debts’ (Eureka Street online, 19 February 2017)


‘Respect’ (Right Now – Human Rights in Australia, December 2016)

‘Mungo’, ‘Top bloke’, ‘Bones’ (Meniscus 4.2, November 2016)

‘Verandah wars’ (Visible Ink, November 2016)

‘Love song’ (Verity La, September 2016)

‘Bring all those who are led astray’ (Into the Bardo Benzine online, July 2016)

‘Tri Osini / Three Autumns’ and notes on translation (Axon: Creative explorations, September 2016)

‘Immigration footbridge’, ‘You may not like what comes’, ‘Causeway (Be the kind of woman …)’ (In Response to Bridges, School of Music Poets, July 2016)

‘she wants it to be undone’ (First Refuge: Poems on Social Justice, edited by Ann Nadge, Ginninderra Press, June 2016)

‘lesbians end everything’ (Scum online journal, June 2016)


‘Diary 1914’, online in Silent Voices | Found Poetry of Lost Women, December 2015.

‘falling dust/peace process’, ‘the empty chair’ (Watson Poets, November 2015).

‘Even though’ (Anthology Kaleidoscope Authors Abroad, October 2015).

‘She strikes the match on the sole of her boot’ (Atlas Poetica special feature, Yin, Yang and Beyond: Short Poems of Sex and Gender in 21st Century, with edited by toki, September 2015).

‘Just because you say so/Sweep it away’, ‘Gyre’, ‘Sweeping out the corners’ (Swept Away: A Collection of Song Lyrics, edited by Tony Steven Williams, School of Music Poets: Occasional Pamphlet No. 5, October 2015).

‘Cost’ and ‘Hemmed in’ in ‘Tough but fair confronts human vulnerability’ (Eureka Street, Vol. 25, No. 4, July 2015)

‘Three days from hunger’, ‘Flood, fire and drought’ (Flood, Fire and Drought, edited by Suzanne Edgar, Kathy Kituai, Sandra Renew and Hazel Hall, Ginninderra Press, SA, 2015)

‘Knowing life will come’, ‘When we go to war’ (Iconic Moon, School of Music Poets in response to photographs by Margaret Kalms, 2015)

‘The pelicans fly on’ (Bimblebox 153 Birds Inaugural installation, curated by Jill Sampson, 6-17 May 2015, Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Kedron Park, Brisbane)

‘It’s what she leaves behind’, poem set to music with additional lyrics by Jacqui Carter


‘Pattern’, ‘Jump to safety’ (Pour Me a Poem, Watson Cafe Poets, 2014)

‘From the train windows’, ‘Rusted plow’, ‘From the railtrack’, ‘Risk of cliche’ (Poetry in Motion, Watson Cafe poets, 2014)

‘Afghanistan: soldiers and poets’ (In Response to Triage, School of Music Occasional Pamphlets No. 4, 2014, p. 13 and online)

‘Lament on wars in the deserts’ (In Response to Triage, School of Music Occasional Pamphlets No. 4, 2014, p. 15 and online)

‘Military artist in Kandahar’ (In Response to Triage, School of Music Occasional Pamphlets No. 4, 2014, p. 6  and online)

‘Three circles of safety’ (In Response to Triage, School of Music Occasional Pamphlets No. 4, 2014, p. 1 and online)


‘Dissident. It made an unusual noise when it landed’ (Narrator online and Narrator Australia, vol. 2, 2013)

‘Jazz in the darkness’ (In Response to Jazz, School of Music Poets Occasional Pamphlets No. 2, 2013)

‘Kon Kelei: you lose who you are’ (Poets and War website, 2013)

‘Not words’ (In Response to Painting with Parkinson’s, School of Music Poets Occasional Pamphlets No. 3, p. 13, 2013)

‘Return crossing’ (Burley Journal, Issue 4, 2013, p. 25)

‘She refuses the upwards inflection’ (Burley, Issue 3, 2013, p. 51)

‘The heart is no foreign country’ (In Response to Persian Music, School of Music Poets Occasional Pamphlets No. 1, 2012 and Sotto magazine, Australian Poetry website, September 2013, p. 26 and online)

‘Unresolved chord’ (Burley, Issue 3, 2013, p. 52)

‘What you see’ (Of Angel’s Wing: In Response to Painting with Parkinson’s, School of Music Poets Occasional Pamphlets No. 3, p. 9, 2013)

‘Humanitarian aid worker’ (Foreign and Far Away 2013: An Anthology, Writers Abroad, 2013, p. 136)


‘Green eyes in Afghanistan’ (Narrator Online, July 2012 and Narrator Australia, Vol. 1, 2012, p. 223)

‘In the moment he decides to go’ (Right Now: Human Rights in Australia, No 363, 2012)

‘It’s what she leaves behind’ (Right Now: Human Rights in Australia, No 369, 2012)

‘Negotiation’ (Burley, Issue 2, 2012, p. 20)

‘Oud’ (In Response to Persian Music, School of Music Occasional Pamphlets No. 1, 2012, p. 8)

‘Unbelievable’ (Narrator Online, September 2012 and Narrator Australia, Vol. 1, 2012, p. 376)



‘should I rug up warmly’ (Atlas Poetica: a journal of world tanka,  2019, special feature on death poems)

‘When she left’, ‘indrawn breath’ (Skylark 13, summer 2019)

‘if our peacenik personae’ (Atlas Poetica: a journal of world tanka,  2019, special feature on non-violent resistance and peaceful protest)

‘most extreme dive ever’ (Ribbons, 2019)

‘Munga Thirri Notes’, ‘two mosques’, ‘dead owl outstretched’, ‘string Christmas lights in August’ (Atlas Poetica: a journal of world tanka,  winter 2019)


‘in the mountains’, ‘in the shopping centre’, ‘she cleans her rifle’, ‘pickup trucks in convoy’, ‘until the guns stop’, ‘lists of those missing’, ‘she does what she knows’, ‘travel paper stamped’, ‘some streets’, ‘rainbow T-shirt’ (Atlas Poetica: a journal of world tanka, 34, Autumn 2018, special issue on genocide)


‘Wild River’ (Haibun Today, vol. 11, no. 1, March 2017)

‘Turning the pages’ (Haibun Today, vol. 11, no. 2, June 2017)

‘Ripples’ (Earth Our Common Ground: a song of short songs, selected and arranged by Claire Everett, Skylark Publishing, 2017)

‘Smorgasbord supermarket cornucopia’ (Ribbons, vol. 13, no. 1, winter 2017)

‘sleeping rough’, ‘Sunday morning mall’, ‘city without water’, ‘in this city street’, ‘wealth begs for happiness’ (Atlas Poetica, 27, Keibooks)


‘slightly shrunk sun kissed orange with burned skin’ and ‘the first green leaves bring the singing season’ (Canberra Times, Sunday 23 October 2016)

‘Brushing leaves’ (cattails online, September 2016)

‘Ocean islands’ (Ribbons tanka prose, Fall issue 2016)

‘my bones’ (Tanka Society of America journal, August 2016)

‘December flight to Queensland’ (Haibun Today, June 2016).

‘at her wedding the synagogue rocked’ (cattails online, May 2016).

‘this feeling under my skin’ (Moonbathing, 14 Spring/Summer 2016).

‘Manos Island, Christmas Island, Nauru’ (cattails online, January 2016).

‘desert lands, rainforest nations’ (i-tanka, edited by Saeko Ogi and Amelia Fielden, January 2016).

‘can children catch war from their mothers’ and ‘budgies in a unison’ (Atlas Poetica, 24 Spring 2016).

‘three pairs of shoes’, ‘four eyes’ (Poems to wear, edited by Amelia Fielden and Saeko Ogi, forthcoming 2016).


‘her eyes frown thank you for coming‘ (Eucalypt, 19 October 2015).

‘from the get go’ (Moonbathing, 13 Autumn/Winter 2015).

‘what must I do to quieten my mind?’, ‘trucks on the highway sound’, ‘we understand war it’s in all our history’ (Atlas Poetica 23, Autumn 2015).

‘spare poem’, short tanka prose, (Atlas Poetica 23, Autumn 2015).

Before disaster‘ translated into Japanese (TANKA & TANKA edited by Noriko Tanka, Amelia Fielden, Saeko Ogi, September 2015.

Three hares’ (Haibun Today, edited by Ruth Holzer, Tanka prose editor Claire Everett, vol. 9, no. 3, September 2015)

‘Lipstick bleeds’ (Ribbons tanka journal, edited by David Rice, Vol. 11, No. 1, Winter 2015)

‘Three small girls’ (Skylark tanka journal, edited by Claire Everett, 2015)

‘Your skin is salt’ (All You Need is Love, edited by Amelia Fielden, Ginninderra Press, SA, 2015)

‘Travellers queue’ (Ribbons, edited by David Rice, Spring/Summer 2015)

‘Kitchen tap drips’ (Moonbathing, edited by Pamela Babusci, Spring/Summer 2015)

‘The missing’, ‘Road trip north west’, ‘Open the windows’, ‘Air standing still’, ‘Coiled ropes’, ‘You hold my hand’, ‘Politicians’, ‘This cold spring morning’, ‘Making mine yours’ (Atlas Poetica 20, A Journal of World Tanka, edited by M.Kei)


‘My eyes ache’ (Skylark tanka journal, edited by Claire Everett, 2.2 Winter 2014)

‘How do we go on’, ‘The moment’, ‘I follow’ (Bright Stars … An Organic Tanka Anthology 3, edited by M.Kei, Summer 2014)

‘she still remembers’ (100 Tanka Poets of Australia and New Zealand, edited by Amelia Fielden, Beverley George and Patricia Prime, Ginninderra Press, SA,  2013, p. 37)


‘Writing to the urban gods’ (Bill Poetries, Noted Festival project, 2016).